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Working on it!

In-between renovating the garden & renovating the cottage. So all the test on this site is likely to change. At the moment I’m simply hitting the keys with ideas for future content.

This is a hard hitting site aimed at getting to the truth about web site technology. Clearing the smoke from the what, the why & the how & the cost of building & maintaining a web site.

The information is based on nothing more than 30 years experience & a keen sense of smell, logic & tea & biscuits.

You can be led by those who making a profit from leading you down dead ends or you can read the truth, as I see it here. I hope to cover most things like how to build a website to how to put that website in front of the people who will want to see it – NOTE: I did not use the words “get traffic” the is a reason for that, think about it.