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The Heading

It’s a nice idea but abuse on the internet is the same as school ground bulling and has that stopped?

As far as I personally am concerned the is already far to much control by government of the internet and the more we allow the fewer freedom we all have. I would say finding a solution to school ground bulling would resolve this problem and many other problems. So lets get on and do that, it’s easy. Yes it is easy, it will take many years but government don’t want to do it. Why don’t they want to do it? well especially here in the UK the last thing any politician wants to do is give people a proper education.

Sure they’ll point at grades but I’m talking about life education, social awareness. it really is as simple as that. But why don’t politician want that too? because the less the voter knows the cleaner the surface they have to write on. Added by advertising & the profit culture of things like music & fashion this is how they get voted for. If young people came out of school aware of the real values none of these clowns would get a vote but more importantly their bosses in industry wouldn’t sell so much so easy.

Can you imagine all the children telling their parents “No, Mom these trainers will do me for another few months yet”.
But of cause education for the kids is not the main problem. This ignorance in by then embedded into the brain has already taken over the character of the adults too. This ignorance is cemented in by teaching them they are going to lose things they never had, this comes out as racism and making them fear things that don’t exist and making them believe they belong to something they’ve never been invited to join like a nationality, flag honouring or simply just fear of being inadequate in some way, that being anything not wearing the right brand, not being the right shape or simply being weak in some way. All these result in a defence mechanism where by these people will attack out of fear of being attacked – This is something we learn very early in childhood. It’s called bulling.