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2nd Steps

Acheving A Web Presence

So you’ve done the first steps & you know have a clear vision for your website. You may have a lots of input from many people up to this point and if so that great, but the key get step is to dedicated control to one person, even if that person has to liaise with a project group, you must have a point player who has the freedom to make decisions and give consistency to the project. You really now need to move things forward fast if only because your data will be out of data soon.

The process now consists of the following;

Domain Name – Agree it, register it.
Web site Hosting account – Find one.

Point your domain to your hosting space – I prefer to keep the domain host & web site host separate. This is based on experience & my own need to be as flexible as possible if I fall out with my web site host. The price minded might also like the option to move domains to take advantage of lower price offered in the market.

At this point advice has to be customised to the type of site being built. Business is mostly likely to to find a web developer. Do some research by visiting other websites of a similar type to your needs. Make a note of any developer names – you’ll find them at the bottom of the home page. Then take a look at their portfolio. It’s also a good idea to search the internet for references to them both good and bad. You may want someone local who can visit your business to get a feel of what’s needed. I suggest you get the standard three quotes. But if money is tight you can always go the cheaper route by engaging a developer directly from one of the many sites that office this service. Look up terms like “freelance” & you soon see plenty. You could even try the very low budget like Fiverr. I’ve used people on their in the past for small jobs.

Don’t let the person dictate to you or lead you to spend more than you want. If they start talking about things you don’t understand while expecting you to make a decision, tell them you’ll get back to them then do some research yourself. Don’t be afraid to sign up to a forum and ask for advice, I’m sure you’ll get plenty. Remember to set out things in writing with expectation & timeline but be fair along the way. Your site should be developed on your hosting as soon as the design has been agreed. This way any setting that need changing on your hosting can be done and they won’t take you by surprise later. This also give you the opportunity to check in and see changes as they happen, upload content ready for the site etc.

With luck you’ll have a great web site up & running in no time. Then it’s on to the 3rd step – life on the internet